Motivation Strategies for Charisma:

Each of the questions  in this video are intended to inspire a deeper form of thinking… Take each opportunity you can before doing anything to answer these questions for yourself… Feel the emotions they create (minus the first question)… If you feel any negative emotion, you are not coming up with an answer that is in alignment with what you truly want… Ask the question again (except the first question) until you get a powerful positive emotion… Good luck!

In this video is:

  • Series of exercises to help you get engaged about why you want to study charisma in the first place
  • 5 questions to ask yourself for motivation:
    • What am I actually doing? – gets task down
    • Why am I going to be doing this thing? – uncovers our motivation for the reason why we would be doing things
    • What am I going to be getting out of this? – what’s the result you’re trying to get; connecting immediate moment with bigger picture
    • What can I enjoy about or within this process? – to combat feelings of dread
    • What is my next smallest step?
      • To actually put things into motion
      • Small steps allow you to develop unconscious momentum