The ability to start conversations when you don’t feel in the mood will change your life!

Learn how to speak to people and socialise without the need for warming up! Throw ideas of state control out the window with this two part guide to introverts!

In this video you will:

  • Learn how to approach anyone as an introvert
  • Understand how emotions drive behavior
  • Find motivation inside yourself to create opportunity
  • Ask the correct questions:
    • What do I have to actually do to start the conversation?
    • Focus on having an intention for the conversation rather than an expectation
  • See Dupre in action:
    • He takes responsibility for the conversation by directing it with questions.
    • He provides opportunity for people to seize upon topics in the conversation.
    • Target gets warmer as the conversation goes on.
    • Couple then starts leading conversation—key shift in conversation.
    • How you know you made a good conversation: people you’re conversing with keep it going