Process Potential Therapy

Process Potential is the step by step procedure for bridging the gap between the worst you see in the mirror and the best you can be in your life. Let us help you to see how much more you are than you’ve let yourself be!

Carl Rogers (a famous psychological theorist) speaks of two selves that we are aware of within us. The real self “is a person’s true or real qualities” that we recognize every day when we look in the mirror. The ideal self is “what a person feels he or she ought to be like”. This is the version that you know you have the capacity to become if given the right experiences, the right tools, and the right skills, so that whatever is left… gets left behind. Our goal is to help you navigate from the worst you see (in the mirror) to the best you can be. We are here to help you discover the Process to your Potential!

Our Process for therapy service is unlike any “shrink” we have ever seen because the model that we use is designed for brief and immediate, content-free therapy to assist each individual in attaining their true Potential quickly. The days of antiquated Freudian technology are coming to pass. No more hours upon hours of discussion of the problems you’ve broken down, analyzed, and ripped apart a thousand different ways. While the setting may look similar to a typical psychologist’s office (they did something right), the experience is completely different.

Because our Process is designed to work from the inside out, we are dedicated to fostering a healing, therapeutic environment that promotes personal evolutionary changes in a rapid way. Your Process begins with a consultation session. Your therapist will work with you to create a personalized therapy plan to best accommodate the extent of the change you are looking for and the optimal way to begin that process together. To ensure that each client receives exactly what THEY need; we do not adhere to any specific timetable, but rather follow our clients on their paths as guides and signposts to accomplish their dreams, visions, missions, and goals.

Phone Introduction

One of our friendly, trained staff members will answer any questions you have and soothe any concerns you may feel. They will support you as you take the next step and go through the process of setting up a consultation session with your therapist.

Setting your Consultation Session

This is the first step on your journey to your transformation.


The consultation session is designed for you to build a solid relationship with your therapist, and gain a mutual understanding of who you would like to become. We want you to feel more comfortable so you are open to discovering what's within.

Therapist Consultation

You and your therapist will formulate the best therapeutic plan that will make you feel most supported through your therapeutic Process.


During your therapy session, your therapist will guide you through your personalized therapeutic process. This may include a series of therapeutic stories, questions, and new perspectives to help you open up to new possibilities.

Therapy Sessions

Your therapist will incorporate various innovative technologies to guide you to discover your own pathway from where you are to where you want to be.

Path to Wellness

As you begin to notice changes in your life, you can begin to explore all that new perspectives have to offer you. You will have a new outlook on life, and will have new methods of coping with what comes your way in life, good or bad.

Inside - Out

Many continue life exploration independently, while others wish to continue their therapeutic Process to achieve a higher level of their true potential.

Process Potential Services

After speaking with one of our friendly, trained staff members, you will be given an appointment for a therapy service session. This session is designed to give each client an opportunity to connect with a therapist and Get Familiar With Your Own Mind and how it operates, as well as to formulate a plan for the quickest and most thorough way you can Make These Changes in your life.

Process Potential Services

Addiction Abolishment

      • Cigarette Cessation
      • Weight Loss
      • Nymphomania
      • Marijuana

Habitual Re-patterning

      • Nail-Biting
      • Twitching
      • Procrastination
      • Low-level OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

State Control

      • Anxiety Attacks / Panic Attacks
      • Paranoia
      • Confidence
      • Fear of Public Speaking
      • Deep Seeded Anger Resolution

Identity-Level Belief Changes

      • I am not worthy
      • I am not good enough
      • No one will ever like me
      • I will be alone for the rest of my life


    • Sexual
      • Premature Ejaculation
      • Impotence
      • Female Dysorgasmia
    • Hearing
      • Tinnitus


    • Memory
      • Amnesia
      • Blackouts
      • Forgetfulness
    • Sleep
      • Insomnia
      • Wake Up Tired